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Tails doll curse

Tails doll curse

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1 Feb Ever played Sonic R? Possibly a small percent of you have heard of the 'tails doll' . Here is ONE of the stories I have heard of from my close. The strange appearance of the robot spawned internet legends claiming the Tails Doll was an evil entity manifested through Sonic R and carried a horrible curse. That's when it said they unlocked The Tails Doll and “The Tails Doll Curse”. When this happened Noah and Gill both looked very confused. “Is that a letter?.

Fans of the game created a number of Youtube Videos, YTMNDs, and an urban legend about a Tails Doll curse. The most common rumors are of Tails Doll. We think of the Tails Doll as just a computer program, put in a game. Some believe that it is more than that. It is believed that the Tails Doll is a curse. There are. Read Tails Doll Bathroom Curse from the story Creepypastian Witchcraft by wolfbit with reads. sigil, candypop, puppeteer. Wait until exactly P.

Yo guys I was playin some sonic r and immediately thought of the tails Doll curse and removed it from my dolphin emulator. Is the curse real?. 2 Dec My friend brought up the Tails Doll. I didn't take much of it in, but I knew there was a curse. The doll remained in the back of my mind for a. 28 Dec The Tails Doll Curse on Scratch by phineasandferbfan9. 18 Apr EDIT: AHHHH!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FEATURE!!! Hello! As my first Myth Busting Blog, I decided to cover a well known creepy. Just so the board doesn't get flooded with topics like, "omg whuts tails [email protected]??? ??" or "i herd abut a curse", I'm going to outline the entire.


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